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Losing you.
We lie on the grass with our faces to the sun, and the sweat trickles down our foreheads, but we're too lazy to move someplace else. Kids yell and shriek some distance away, but otherwise our world is silent. And yet we're laughing, quiet laughter that makes our shoulders shake as our minds run through the foolish hilarity of past escapades.
You see, we don't need words to make it fun. We simply need our memories, memories of yesterdays past, and our world comes alive, leaping up in a myriad of bright colours and sounds. That is all we need.
I turn to watch you, you with your eyes closed and a smile on your face. What marvellous secret is it, that makes you smile so? What magical bewitching quality do you possess, that you can be so beautiful in your simplicity? And what have I done to deserve you, your friendship and your time? I try my hardest, but I can never find the answer.
Then in the distance a clock chimes, and your eyes fly open with a start. I'm caught staring once again, but
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it's you.
It's a poem written out in perfect penmanship
   and the words all rhyme, for sure
It's a bird who sings from its nest to the dawn
   and the child believes it's all for her
It's a flower that blooms, reaching for the sun
   and my camera gets the perfect shot
It's a box of chocolates tied with a satin ribbon
   truffles and pralines and flavours I forgot
It's a song that beats in sync with my heart
It's a book that ends with tears in my eyes
It's a film that I just have to watch again and again
Or maybe it's not, no, not at all... it's you
It's a sunrise that lights up the sky a mellow yellow
   and scares away the monster, coward of the dark
It's a baby that looks up in wonder and innocence
   and a smile so pure, like the song of the lark
It's a midnight sky of stars that blankets the world
   and we'll sleep with smiles on our faces tonight
It's a friend who calls just to say he
:iconkirsten-christiana:kirsten-christiana 0 2
death by papercut.
one day passes, two, three, four
faded love letters scattered on the floor
never enough duvet, now too much
there's no way to breathe without your touch
the reality is brutal, merciless pain
tiny pinpricks, sharp slices, an opened vein
run, hide, screaming with all my might
there is no sound, there is no light
one day passes, two, three, four
still waiting, waiting for that knock on the door
this is so much more than just a rut
it's death by papercut
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The moonlight dies on my coat as I walk with hands in my pockets, head down against the wind howling to break my spirit. The streetlamps put me in the spotlight, but there's no audience, not today. The song melts away and words lose their meaning, and now I'm just wandering… looking for you.
Are you looking for me too?
:iconkirsten-christiana:kirsten-christiana 0 0
Eighteen years just flown by
Looking back, I might just cry
So much love, heartbreak, heartache
From this dream, I will someday wake
But not now, not just yet
So many tasks have been set
The endless road stretches before my feet
Follow it, maybe we will meet
Eighteen… so?
Many more years still to go!
:iconkirsten-christiana:kirsten-christiana 0 2
Spring Showers
Plop, one drop,
Splattered on my hand as I lift my head to the sky
eyes closed, ears blocked to nothing but the wind
as it blows gently, like a child's birthday candle
is gently blown out for one moment to be drawn out
for all eternity.
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I am...
I am a girl with a tendency to weave
when she walks.
Weave like her thoughts weave in the
vast space of her consciousness.
In and out of obscurity
each thought moves.
Who knows where they go?
:iconkirsten-christiana:kirsten-christiana 0 2
Winter -backtrack-
The stinging smell of the freeze
reminds me of the time
you walked away –
it hit so sudden
and then,
The first flurry of snow
reminds me of the time
you turned away –
it meant nothing
and yet,
The flat field of white
reminds me of the time
you loved me –
it was mad
but still,
:iconkirsten-christiana:kirsten-christiana 0 2
Lunch Is A Bitch.
The cafeteria was buzzing with activity, filled with people on their lunch breaks. It was a friendly place, with walls painted a cream colour and the sunlight casting an orange glow over everything, but in one corner the temperature seemed to drop dramatically, and the warmth of the décor struggled against the freezing atmosphere surrounding two young women sitting across the table from each other.
It was almost like a scene out of old movies where enemies would just stare at one another, eyes narrowed, willing the other to make a mistake, fumble and surrender. But the game the women played was much trickier than that.
They hid the daggers in their eyes with bright smiles and high-pitched laughter, and conversed as if they were the best of friends, even though every sentence was ammunition hurled at the other party.
"You really should let me introduce you to this hairdresser I found. I'm sure he could tame that curly hair of yours."
"I really do admire you, Emma. I'd never dare to wear
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My Father.
In my childhood my father wasn't just my father; he was my daddy. I always thought of him as "big". His hands were big as they caught me when I jumped into swimming pools. His shadow was big as I stood in it for shade at traffic junctions. The music from his French horn was big as well, because it seemed like it could envelope me, no matter where I was and what I was doing. Biggest of all was his booming voice that you could not mistake, because it made everything in the world seem all right.
Dad had come to Singapore from Shanghai, but fit in quickly with the locals, sharing the national love of food. At meal times he'd tuck into bowls of spicy noodles, often breaking out in a sweat as his friendly, jovial face turned red. I'd watch him eat, toying with the leftovers on my plate. And he'd eat those too. For years he joked that he was a human "trash can", there to eat whatever my mother and I (and later my brother) couldn't finish.
Every weekend we would grab our suits and floats, wave
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everything's only for now.
Current Residence: Hamilton, New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: I listen to so many genres, it's mad.
Operating System: Both Windows XP (desktop) and Mac OS X (laptop).
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove. He's hilarious.
Personal Quote: "I've got a rumbly in my tumbly..."
I'm so sorry for disappearing all the time even though I promised not to. I don't seem to have many contributions to make to dA these days.

Firstly, I'm back in Singapore, and have been for about 3 weeks. I have simply been sitting around on my bum (occasionally meeting some friends), watching DVDs and movies and playing The Sims 2 Pets and being very, very, very lazy and unproductive.

Secondly, I have managed to get the flu. It's been 3 days already. I hate how flu isn't actually bad enough to incapacitate you, but enough to make you feel like maybe you're dying. It makes for very dull emotions.

I have been having a very bad time writing my series thingymajiggy. The truth is, I am quite bored of it, and the more I try to write for it, the more forced it all feels and then I just get frustrated with it and close the window. I have boycotted the series for about a month now, and I doubt I'll actually make a return to it, for the sake of my blood pressure. But who knows? Maybe in a few weeks, months or years I might change my mind.

Still, I am going to try to at least write some poems. With luck I will deem them worthy of posting, instead of just deleting them.
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